3 more blankets done – ブランケット3枚出来ました

kfj_blanket027Last week I got 3 more blankets. 2 were assembled from the motifs I collected. The other was made completely from scratch. Great to see so many colorful blankets coming together.


2 more blankets finished – ブランケット2枚出来ました

kfj_blanket017Last week I received a wonderful blanket from a crocheter in Saitama. She read an article about ‘Knit for Japan’ and decided to help. She made 50 Granny Squares. Her mother then connected them into a great blanket. Her son later helped to write an English letter for me. A real family blanket.

One of the members of my knitting class also finished another blanket. Her husband is a very creative gentleman. He decided the position of each motif. Last weekend both came over to my place. We selected motifs for several themed blanket. I can’t wait to see the results.

kfj_blanket016先週、私は埼玉県にいるのかぎ針編みをする人からの素敵なブランケットが届きました。彼女は「Knit for Japan」についての記事を読み、支援することを決めました。彼女はモチーフ50枚を作りました。彼女の母はその後にモチーフを会わせました。息子は後に私のために英語の手紙を書くことができました。本当の家族のブランケットになりました。


Granny Square Assembly’ workshop in Sapporo

hokkaidoA great supporter of ‘Knit for Japan’ in Hokkaido held a ‘Granny Square Assembly’ workshop at the Moulin rouge yarn shop in Sapporo. I had sent her over 1,000 motifs ,ast month. Many helping hands joint and connected motifs. Seven women cooperated and made three pieces of blankets. Some people took more motifs home to make more blankets. You can see more pictures here.

A big ‘Thank you’ to all, who participated and still work on making blankets.



2 more blankets – ブランケット2枚

kfj_blanket0152 friends took on 50 motifs each and crocheted them into blankets. I had so many yellow motifs and thought a Yellow Series would look great. It turned out really wonderful. I was a bit worried using so many different motifs. However, the blankets look so amazing.


More blankets are finished – もっと毛布が終了する

kfj_blankwt010Last week we held a ‘Granny Square Assembly’ workshop in Shibuya. Many helping hands joint and connected motifs. Some people took more motifs home to make more blankets. The first I received already back.

Also the shop staff from Naito Shoji is busy making wonderful blankets. The total count now stands at 51 blankets, which is over 100 sqm.

It is really exciting to see so many blankets made from so different motifs.




‘Granny Square Assemble’ workshop – モチーフのつなぎ会


‘Granny Square Assemble’ workshop – モチーフのつなぎ会

knit for japan shibuya

Knit for Japanでは、20cm四方の四角もチーフを繋げて世界一大きなブランケットを作り、被災地へ贈るボランティア活動を進めています。ブランケットはギネス世界記録に提出後、1人分の大きさに分かれ被災地に住む方の元へと届きます。


やり方がモチーフを 5 x 10枚の大きさに繋げていくだけ!たくさんのご参加お待ちしております。編物で東北を元気にしましょう!


On October 29th and 30th we will hold a ‘Granny Square Assemble’ workshop at the Naito Material Shop in Shibuya. I hope many of you can join and help us connecting Granny Squares into many warm and colorful blankets.

For those who are busy, please take some Granny Squares home to make a blanket with your family or friends. I would also be happy to hear from crochet clubs to help us make more blankets. Please download our flyer for the workshop and send it to your friends.


  • 日付(Date): October 29th (Tues.) and 30th (Wed.)
  • 時間(Time): 10:30 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 16:00
  • 開催場所(Location): Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 21-1, Seibu Department Store A Bldg. 7F; 東京都渋谷区宇多川町21-1, 西武渋谷店 A館 7F マテリアルショップ