and another 100 Granny Squares – グラニー・スクエア:別の100枚

kfj_granny0200A knitting teach here in Hiyoshi and her students have kindly made 100 Granny Squares. The other day she brought me a large bag full of motifs. Some are made in the traditional way, others in fluffy yarn and many more in colorful designs.


More Granny Squares from around Japan – 全国からグラニー・スクエア

Over the past days I received a number of parcels with Granny Squares from all over Japan. So many great designs, beautiful colors and yarns. All together 130 motifs. This  pushes the counter over the 80% mark.


Granny Squares from America – アメリカからグラニー・スクエア

kfj_granny0189I received more Granny Squares from some very talented crocheter from the US. The ‘Monthly Crochet for Charity Group Project’ have kindly sent me 20 beautiful motifs. Each is labeled with a note about the material used and the person who made it.

From Rochester I got 5 more motifs in wonderful vivid colors. The precision of the Granny Squares is really amazing. A big ‘Thanks you’ to everyone.



Colorful knits from Denmark – デンマークからのカラフルな作品

A famous knit designer from Denmark – Vivian Høxbro  – has sent me a box full of her colorful creations. Several beautiful hats using her Domino Knitting technique, mittens and a shawl. The hats are more like artfully knitted sculptures using vivid colored yarn.

デンマークの有名なニットデザイナー – ビビアン コクスブロー – から彼女のカラフルな作品いくつが届きました。ビビアンさんを使用しているドミノ編み技法で作った美しい帽子やミトンとショールいくつかです。帽子は鮮やかな色の毛糸を使用して巧みに編まれた彫刻のようです。


Happy new year – あげましておめでとうございます。

I wish you all a happy new year. On January 1. we started with a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.0. Over the new year I received several hats, scarves and other beautiful items.

One of the Japanese knitters apologized for ‘only’ sending 4 hats. Taking the time for even making one hat, will make a great difference to someone with cold ears in Tohoku.

皆様、 あげましておめでとうございます。 本年も宜しくお願いします。お正月中は日本、イギリスやフランスからいくつかの帽子、スカーフや他の美しい作品が届きました。

More hats from ‘Knitters for Love’ – 「愛のための編み」からより多くの帽子

Over the past weeks the knitting group at the Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi ‘Knitters for Love’ have knitted more hats and scarves.


4 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のためさらに4箱

Today I packed 4 more boxes with your items for Tohoku. One is going with a lot of hats, socks, scarves and amigurumi to a children’s center in Iwate.


2 boxes also with hats, jackets, scarves, wrist warms and many of the knittings I got from Aomori are going to a tsunami center in Iwate.


The last shipping is for a family of a friend with 3 girls, who lives in Miyagi and has lost their home.


Including these 4 I have now sent a total of 21 boxes to various places in Tohoku. Keep knitting, there are still a lot of people in need of some warm hats, scarves or gloves.


Winter knits from Aomori – 青森県から冬のニット

A knitting group from Aomori has kindly sent me 2 boxes with a total of 270 handmade winter items. Many of them beautifully wrapped as presents. Today I had contact with another temporary housing facility and a kindergarten. Both are looking for hats, scarves and other warm items and I will include the knits from Aomori.

  • Adult wrist warmer: 198
  • Kids wrist warmer: 41
  • Kids scarves: 9
  • Scrunchie: 5
  • Paper Tissue Covers: 3
  • Tawashi: 14

The Tawashi is a Japanese traditional scrubbing brush to wash off the dirt. They are typically knitted or crocheted out of acrylic yarn. Sometimes just a simple square, but others come in the shape of animals, flowers or any shape you can think of. A Tawashi is very useful for cleaning dishes in your kitchen.


  • 大人用リストウォーマー 198
  • 子供用リストウォーマー 41
  • 子供用マフラー 9
  • シュシュ 5
  • ティッシュカバー 3
  • アクリルたわし 14

Winnie the Pooh & Pokemon – くまのプーさんとポケモン

One of my friends on Mixi has put together 3 boxes of beautiful yarn, crochet hooks and knitting books. She also included a cute “Winnie the Pooh” set, including a hat, jumper and honey-pot bag together with a Pokemon vest.


Pictures from Higashi Matsushima – 東松島からの写真

The lady, who is organizing the knitting group in Higashi Matsushima has send me several pictures. They show some of her members and items they have knitted and crocheted.