Yomiuri Culture Exhibition – よみうりカルチャー展 読売新聞本社ビルで開催中

yomiuri_culture02Yomiuri Culture is hosting an exhibition at the new head office in Otemachi. The exhibition opened yesterday at the gallery on the 2nd floor. Until September 13. ‘Knit for Japan’ is displaying motifs and blankets.

On August 20th and 26th we will have workshops to connect motifs into blankets. Download a flyer.



ドイツ人ニット作家のベルンド・ケストラー講師による「Knit for Japan」(東日本大震災被災地にブランケットを贈る支援活動)のモチーフつなぎを、本ギャラリー前で行います。参加無料。ギネス記録にもつながる挑戦に、ご協力ください。

  • 8月20日(水)午前10時~午後4時
  • 8月26日(火)午前10時~午後4時



Connect motifs – モチーフを会わせる

kfj_granny0210私はまだモチーフの数を持っています。それは、会わせるごとが必要があります。皆様が日本に住んでいて、これで私を助けることができる場合は、連絡を取ってください。 急便で送るごとが出来ます。私は十分なモチーフを持っています。  是非、皆様、参加して下さい。東北の皆さんに素晴らしいブランケットを作りましょう。

I still have a number of motifs, that needs to be connected. If you live in Japan and can help me with this, please get in touch. I can send you the motifs by delivery service. At the moment, I have enough motifs. Just looking for help connecting them.


22 Granny Squares from Germany – ドイツからグラニー·スクエア22枚

kfj_granny0103Yesterday I received a parcel from Germany. A kind crocheter has sent me 22 beautiful Granny Squares. Some of the clever designs I haven’t seen yet.


3 blankets and more Granny Squares from Germany – ドイツから来た毛布とスクエア

The other day I received 3 ready made Granny Square blankets and 15 more squares from Germany. This pushed the counter now well over the 1,000 square mark.


Germany: Final Parcel No. 6 & 7 – ドイツから最後、第6&7の小包

Before sending the box of items to Fukushima I opened the last 2 boxes I got from Germany. More scarves, hats, neckwarmers and yarn. All are already in Fukushima keeping someone warm.


Germany: Parcel No. 4 & 5 – ドイツから第4&5の小包

Today I will send off another large box to Fukushima. It is still pretty cold here. Last week it snowed and the ground is still frozen. The knits I got from Germany will go to Fukushima this afternoon.


Germany: Parcel No. 2 & 3 – ドイツから第2&3の小包

I  had a nice surprise this morning. Over night, it started to snow here in Yokohama. Not much and not enough to build a snowman, but as it  was quite cold the roads were covered in ice. Now the sun came out and all started to melt.

So I got to parcel 2 & 3 from Germany. Both had some beautiful scarves and shawls and I was tempted to put one on taking pictures outside.