Knit for Japan in the German news

DSC_0248The German Press Agency has kindly  mentioned ‘Knit for Japan’ in an article to their subscribing newspapers. 2 German newspapers already have published the article. Here the link to the article on Main-Netz. Of course, the article is written in German.

ドイツのプレス庁は親切に’Knit for Japan’について記事を作りました。ドイツにある二つの新聞がその記事を発表しています。こちらで読んで下さい。ドイツ語です。

Guinness World Records: Attempt accepted

2 month ago I applied to Guinness  World records for our attempt to make the worlds largest blanket. Today I received notice, that they have accepted our application. Now we are one more step on our way to set a world record here in Japan.

I am pretty sure, we can break the current record. If you still like to help to push the level higher, please make a blanket and send it to me.

2ヶ月前、私は世界最大の毛布を作るためにギネス世界記録に適用さました。 今日、私はギネスが私たちのアプリケーションを受け入れたことを、メールが届きました。すぐに私たちは、日本で世界記録を設定します。


Yomiuri Culture Exhibition – よみうりカルチャー展 読売新聞本社ビルで開催中

yomiuri_culture02Yomiuri Culture is hosting an exhibition at the new head office in Otemachi. The exhibition opened yesterday at the gallery on the 2nd floor. Until September 13. ‘Knit for Japan’ is displaying motifs and blankets.

On August 20th and 26th we will have workshops to connect motifs into blankets. Download a flyer.



ドイツ人ニット作家のベルンド・ケストラー講師による「Knit for Japan」(東日本大震災被災地にブランケットを贈る支援活動)のモチーフつなぎを、本ギャラリー前で行います。参加無料。ギネス記録にもつながる挑戦に、ご協力ください。

  • 8月20日(水)午前10時~午後4時
  • 8月26日(火)午前10時~午後4時



Final event

kfj_popFor our final event on September 20th in Ishinomaki to connect all blankets into one large piece, we are looking for volunteer. If you like to join and crochet yourself into history, please let me know.

ドイツ生まれのニット男子”ベルンド・ケストラー”さんが呼び掛けで開始した、世界一大きなグラニースクウェア・ブランケットを作成し東北の被災地の方へお届けする 慈善活動、”Knit for Japan(ニット・フォー・ジャパン)”が




Another blanket done – 別の毛布が出来た

motif_pickupLast week I packed around 4,000 Granny Squares into bags of 100. Together with Naito Shoji’s shops staff we are now making blankets of 5×10 motifs. They actually had to come with a van to my place to pick them up. Yesterday, already the first blanket was finished.


The first blanket is finished – 最初の毛布を作りました


Now ‘The Granny Square Project’ is entering the next stage. After collecting over 9,600 motifs, we now have to make them in to blankets of 5 x 10 Granny Squares. Over the weekend, Ms. Kinoshita from Naito Shoji took several hours and made the first blanket. It is a great example of what I envision for the other blanket and a great start into the next stage. I am sure, it will keep someone warm in Tohoku.


Not 500, but 1,446 Granny Squares from Naito – 内藤商事から1,446枚モチーフ

This is awesome. After a recount, we found that customers and shop staff from Naito Shoji have collected 1,446 Granny Squares at shops around Japan. When I came home I had 3 large boxes waiting outside my home. There are so many wonderful motifs, I wish I could take pictures of each one of them. My Granny Square counter is going crazy. Now I am 50% on getting the motifs we need for the World Record.