Another blanket done – 別の毛布が出来た

motif_pickupLast week I packed around 4,000 Granny Squares into bags of 100. Together with Naito Shoji’s shops staff we are now making blankets of 5×10 motifs. They actually had to come with a van to my place to pick them up. Yesterday, already the first blanket was finished.


The first blanket is finished – 最初の毛布を作りました


Now ‘The Granny Square Project’ is entering the next stage. After collecting over 9,600 motifs, we now have to make them in to blankets of 5 x 10 Granny Squares. Over the weekend, Ms. Kinoshita from Naito Shoji took several hours and made the first blanket. It is a great example of what I envision for the other blanket and a great start into the next stage. I am sure, it will keep someone warm in Tohoku.


Not 500, but 1,446 Granny Squares from Naito – 内藤商事から1,446枚モチーフ

This is awesome. After a recount, we found that customers and shop staff from Naito Shoji have collected 1,446 Granny Squares at shops around Japan. When I came home I had 3 large boxes waiting outside my home. There are so many wonderful motifs, I wish I could take pictures of each one of them. My Granny Square counter is going crazy. Now I am 50% on getting the motifs we need for the World Record.


Many more colorful Granny Squares – カラフルグラニー・スクエア

kfj_granny0160Take a look at the many colorful Granny Squares I received recently. Some of them in very unique shapes and designs.


2,000 Granny Squares – グラニー・スクエア2,000枚


Today, I hit the mark for more than 2,000 Granny Squares. Thank you all for making this possible. Take a look at all those beautiful motifs. A mother and her daughter have send me Granny’s for the 2nd time. Thanks Noriko and Tomoko. A dear friend made me enough for a blanket and more parcels arrived today.



40 more colorful squares – 40枚のカラフルなグラニース・クエア

Yesterday at my knitting class one of my students gave me 40 more squares she had made. She keeps crocheting Granny Squares in wonderful color variations.


Yarn, hooks and hats from Holland – オランダから毛糸、針と帽子

The other day I received a box from The Netherlands full of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and knitted hats. A letter inside said that another box with Granny Squares is in the process.


Yarn, Needles, Amigurumi – 毛糸、針やあみぐるみ

Over the past days I received several parcels from the US and Japan. Knitters have send me beautiful yarn and a lot of needles and crochet hooks. On knitter included several cute amigurumi, which will make some kids smile.


‘Knit for Japan’ in the movies – 映画の中で

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a student of the Tokyo Gakugei University. She wanted to make a short movie about “what people all over the world did to support people in Tohoku” for her class.

During her research, she found several interesting projects including ‘Knit for Japan’. She asked to introduce the project and record a short video message in her movie. Here the result. My piece started a 1:19.


研究の間に、彼女は”‘Knit for Japan’も見つけました。彼女は私の活動を紹介し、短いビデオメッセージを記録するために求めました。下にどうぞ。私のビデオは、1:19を始まります。

Yarn and hats – 毛糸と帽子

More yarn and hats arrived. All in beautiful colors, which should make nice hats or socks. The other day my mom had send me a book with different ways in knitting socks.
I tried out a way in knitting socks sideways. This is pretty easy and I thought it could make a simple way for people to knit some socks.