Roll of 10 blankets – 10枚のロール」

kfj_roll03We have wonderful warm weather today. So I took the roll of 10 blankets outside, to take a pictures. The piece is 20m long and 1 m wide. Next week, we will connect 20 of such rolls into our blanket of 400 sqm.


Roll of 10 – 10枚のロール


kfj_roll01Over the past weeks I received several finished blankets. To prepare for our final event next week in Ishinomaki, I already joint 10 blankets into one large ribbon. Unfortunately, today we have rain, but should the weather allow, I will take a picture of the ‘Roll of 10′.


Yomiuri Shinbun Workshop No. 2

kfj_yomiuri01Today we had our 2nd workshop to connect more Granny Squares. Many supporters joint us at the Yomiuri Shinbun headquarter. We managed to finish 2 complete blankets. Last week one of the ladies took a blanket home and brought back today. So we have 3 more blankets ready for our world record attempt in September.

今日私たちは、モチーフを会わせるために第2回ワークショップをやりました。多くの人が読売新聞本社で私たちを助けました。  ブランケット2枚で来ました。先週の女性は、毛布を家に取り、今日持ち帰りました。だから9月の世界記録のために後ブランケット3枚準備しました。

Press article about “Knit for Japan”

KFJ_article01The Japanese newsagency Kyodo News distributed an article about “Knit for Japan” and our Guinness World Record attempt on September 20th in Ishinomaki. A newspaper in Miyaki Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture picked up the article and ran it in their newspaper. Also the MSN Sankei News published the article online.

kfj_article028/24(日)にKnit for Japanの記事が新聞に載りました。

  1. MSN産経ニュース
  2. MSN産経ニュース

82 more Granny Squares – グラニー・スクエア82枚

kfj_granny0204Day by day I get more Granny Squares. Here a pictures of 82 motifs I received. I guess by the end of the month I am close to 100%.  But… keep crocheting and sending them in.


More Granny Squares from around Japan – 全国からグラニー・スクエア

Over the past days I received a number of parcels with Granny Squares from all over Japan. So many great designs, beautiful colors and yarns. All together 130 motifs. This  pushes the counter over the 80% mark.


Granny Square events in Hokkaido – 北海道のグラニー・スクエア イベント


◆NO.1(Let’s crochet Granny Squares together in Eniwa)

イベント名(Event):hand to heart 夏祭り in GRECO
hand to heart Summer festival in Eniwa GRECO


  • 日付(Date):July 6th, 2013 (Sat)
  • 時間(Time):11:30 – 16:00 雨天でも開催
  • 開催場所(Location):カフェGRECO(グレコ)北海道恵庭市島松寿町1-28-10
  • アクセス(Access):JR 島松駅から徒歩5分
  • Web site

◆NO.2(Let’s crochet Granny Squares together in Otaru)

Handmade market in Otaru Vol.2

  • 日付(Date):July 14-15th, 2013 (Sun-Mon,Public holiday)
  • 時間(Time):10:00 – 17:00
  • 開催場所(Location):ウィングベイ小樽5番館1階ネイチャーチャンバー,北海
  • 道小樽市築港11番
  • アクセス(Access):JR小樽築港駅直結
  • 地図(map):

◆NO.3(Let’s crochet Granny Squares together in Sapporo)

イベント名(Event):hand to heart vol.5 in 札幌サンプラザホテル
hand to heart vol.5 in Sapporo Sun plaza Hotel


  • 日付(Date):August 24th, 2013 (Sat)
  • 時間(Time):11:00 – 18:00
  • 開催場所(Location):札幌サンプラザホテル 1階 ふれあい広場 札幌市北区北24
  • 条西5丁目
  • 地図(map):
  • アクセス(Access):札幌市営地下鉄南北線北24条駅1番出口より徒歩3分