Final event

kfj_popFor our final event on September 20th in Ishinomaki to connect all blankets into one large piece, we are looking for volunteer. If you like to join and crochet yourself into history, please let me know.

ドイツ生まれのニット男子”ベルンド・ケストラー”さんが呼び掛けで開始した、世界一大きなグラニースクウェア・ブランケットを作成し東北の被災地の方へお届けする 慈善活動、”Knit for Japan(ニット・フォー・ジャパン)”が




Over 500 more Granny Squares – 500枚もっとグラニー・スクエア


I just received an email, that customers of Naito Shoji have donated over 500 Granny Squares at various shops around Japan. I will receive them next week and will post some pictures.


Many more colorful Granny Squares – カラフルグラニー・スクエア

kfj_granny0160Take a look at the many colorful Granny Squares I received recently. Some of them in very unique shapes and designs.


118 more Granny Squares – 118枚もっとグラニー・スクエア

It is great to see more squares are coming in. I received 118 of colorful motifs, some already crocheted together to small blankets.


A lot more Granny Squares – より多くのグラニー・スクエア

Over the past month I received many more squares and I now find the time to take pictures and post them here. The project is going well, but I still need a lot more squares. So please keep sending them in.


3 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のため箱3つ

This morning I packed 3 more boxes for Tohoku. One is going to the temporary housing facility in Iwate. I am sending them more shawls and scarves. The other one is for Fukushima and quite large. I had a number of cardigans, shawls and other warm items, which should still be useful. The last box is the first one for a temporary housing facility in Miyagi. Some of the residents want to knit and were asking for yarn and needles. All should arrive by tomorrow.


More knits for Fukushima – 福島のためのより多くの作品

More warm knits are on its way to Fukushima. Lots of shawls, scarves and more hats. It’s still pretty cold here in Japan and all your knits will be greatly appreciated. In total:

  • Blankets: 9
  • Hats: 24
  • Scarves: 23
  • a few neckwarmers, gloves and other knits


  • 毛布
  • 帽子
  • マフラー
  • いくつかのネックウォーマー、手袋、その他のニット

More hats please – より多くの帽子お願いします

A few weeks ago a colleague told me during a conversation, that she is originally from Iwate. Her parent’s home was completely destroyed during the tsunami.


Her parents are fine and now live in a temporary housing facility. My colleague mentioned that her mom was looking for some woolly hats. So last week I gave her a few. Her mom was so excited and asked, if it would be possible to get a woolly hat for each resident at the temporary housing facility, which are currently about 200 people.


Wouldn’t it be great, if we could supply a complete facility with wooly hats? What I currently have is a lot, but I need some more. If you have a spare moment, please cast on for a hat and send it over to me. It will make a lot of people very happy and give them warm ears over autumn and winter.


If possible, please use a natural fiber. You can find some simple patterns at the Pierrot Yarns ‘Patterns Club’.