This Friday “Knit for Japan” on TV Kanagawa – 今週の金曜日“Knit for Japan” はテレビ神奈川で


This week Friday, I will be again live on TV Kanagawa at their program ‘Arigato’ to present on “The Granny Square Project”. I will bring many of your beautiful squares to show on the program, so you might see your motif on TV.

Here the details:

  • TV Kanagawa (tvk) digital 3 ch
  • Program: Arigato
  • Date: Friday, March 8th, 2013
  • Time: 12:00 – 14:00 live ‘Knit for Japan’ from about 12:30



  • テレビ神奈川(tvk)デジタル3ch
  • 番組名:「ありがとッ!
  • OA 日:月曜~金曜12:00~14:00 LIVE、生放送ご紹介させていただくコーナー:金曜日12:30~「教えて!ポップ先生」
  • 2013年3月8日

More Granny Squares – もっとグラニー・スクエア

More squares arrived here at my place over the past days. Little by little the numbers are increasing. As I have quite an amount together I am now starting to look for people helping me to crochet them together.


One more box for Fukushima – 福島にもう一つの箱

Today I have sent a final box with warm knit items to Fukushima. Now I have used up all the items you have sent me, except for some kids and baby knits. Those will go out soon too. With warmer weather now coming soon, I will probably send out more yarn.


Colorful hats and scarves – カラフルな帽子とマフラー

Tomorrow, I will send one more box to Tohoku. Included will be some colorful hats and scarves I had received recently.


3 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のため箱3つ

This morning I packed 3 more boxes for Tohoku. One is going to the temporary housing facility in Iwate. I am sending them more shawls and scarves. The other one is for Fukushima and quite large. I had a number of cardigans, shawls and other warm items, which should still be useful. The last box is the first one for a temporary housing facility in Miyagi. Some of the residents want to knit and were asking for yarn and needles. All should arrive by tomorrow.


More knits for Fukushima – 福島よりニット

Yesterday I sent another large box full of hats, scarves and other warm items to Fukushima. Today I received notice that it has arrived and will be distributed.


Many woolly hats from Australia – オーストラリアから多くの帽子

A gifted knitter from Australia has send me a bag full of woolly hats and some other warm items. The people at a temporary housing facility in Fukushima had asked for more knits, so the hats will go there this week.


Message from Fukushima – 福島からのメッセージ

After the box arrived in Fukushima, I have asked my contact there, if she could use more warm knits. She has send me the following message. I hope my translation makes sense. If you have any woolly hat, scarf, gloves or a pair of socks you could spare, please send it over to me. I am packing another box this week.

After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, many towns with large number of people have been evacuated.  One of such place is Okuma-machi and the people now are in a temporary housing facility in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, where there is a lot of snow.  Form the items you have sent I have pass on to people from Okuma-machi, and  there are still people who would like some items it is really helpful to many people.



More knits for Fukushima – 福島よりニット

Today I have sent another box of 65 hats, lots of scarves, kids sweaters and other items to Fukushima. It will arrive there tomorrow. Still pretty cold there with 2°C.

今日は帽子65枚、マフラーや子供のセーター、福島の他を送りました。明日はそこに到着します。 現在、あそこは2℃で、また寒いです。

Warm knits from Kobe – 神戸から暖かいニット

A lady from Kobe has send me a large box of warm hats, scarves, mittens and several cute kids vests. Together with what I have received during the past weeks I can send probably 2 more shipments to Fukushima.