8 Granny Squares from Shizuoka – 静岡県から来た8枚

Shizuoka has made them together with her 10 and 7 years old daughters. The pastel colors a so beautiful and will make a nice spot in the finished blanket. Thanks Shiori and Megumi. Great job.


Lots of cute amigurumi – カワイイあみぐるみがたくさん

The other day I got a box full of cute amigurumi. I am sure they will make lots of kids happy.


Cute kids sweater – かわいい子供のセーター

Yesterday I have sent a box full of baby and kids knits to Iwate. Included were several kids sweaters I had received recently. There are really cute and I am sure some kids in Tohoku will be happy to wear them.


Warm knits for kids in Iwate – 岩手県の子供のための暖かいニット

Over the last weeks I had received many baby and kids items. Last week I got in contact with a gentleman, how runs a NPO for local temporary housing facilities in Iwate. Today I have send him a large box of baby and kids knits he will distribute to families at different facilities.


Kids knits – キッズニット

For some time now I have been taking classes to learn beaded tatting. Last week, one of the other students there kindly brought me a kids vest she has knitted together with a matching shirts.

The other day I received an envelope from the US with 2 baby hats and matching gloves. So cute.



3 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のため箱3つ

This morning I packed 3 more boxes for Tohoku. One is going to the temporary housing facility in Iwate. I am sending them more shawls and scarves. The other one is for Fukushima and quite large. I had a number of cardigans, shawls and other warm items, which should still be useful. The last box is the first one for a temporary housing facility in Miyagi. Some of the residents want to knit and were asking for yarn and needles. All should arrive by tomorrow.


Knits from a Non-knitter – 編み物できないニッターからニット

A friend of mine has sent me a box full of shawls, scarves and a hat. She can’t knit herself, but has asked among her friends to make and donate some knits. You don’t need to be a knitter yourself to help.


Warm knits from cold Aomori – 寒い青森から暖かいニット

A knitting group from Aomori has put their needles to work and sent me a huge box full of hats, scarves, socks and kids vests. They told me it is still pretty cold there with a meter of snow.


More knits for Fukushima – 福島よりニット

Today I have sent another box of 65 hats, lots of scarves, kids sweaters and other items to Fukushima. It will arrive there tomorrow. Still pretty cold there with 2°C.

今日は帽子65枚、マフラーや子供のセーター、福島の他を送りました。明日はそこに到着します。 現在、あそこは2℃で、また寒いです。

Warm hats from Nagasaki – 長崎から暖かい帽子

I am always amazed to see, what ideas people have. Last week I got a box full of hats from a talented knitter in Nagasaki in Kyushu. Apart from 20 well knitted hats, she had also included several cute tawashi (I love the strawberry one) and a toy sponge cake for kids to play with.

Today I also took the 500th picture of items I received. When I started the project, I thought of a way to number my pictures. So I came up with a code for my files ‘kfj_item0XXX, which would allow me 10,000 pictures, before running out of numbers. Now I am 5% there.


今日、私が受け取った作品の第500の写真を撮りました。’Knit for Japan’を始めたとき、写真を数にする方法を考えました。だからファイル’kfj_item0XXX用のコードを思い付いた。そすると1万写真を撮ることが出来ます。今、そこに5%です。