‘Knit for Japan’ @ PechaKucha April 24th – 4月24ぺちゃくちゃで ‘Knit for Japan’


pecha-kucha-nightI will be presenting ‘The Granny Square Project’ this month at PechaKucha Tokyo on April 24th . Make a Granny Square, bring it and give to me during the presentation. Mark your schedule and start crocheting some motifs.



  • Date: April 24th
  • Time: 20:20 – 23:00
  • Venue: @ SuperDeluxe 〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi Azabu 3-1-25 B1/ 〒106-0031東京都港区西麻布3-1-25 B1F

Video: ‘Knit for Japan’ on TV Kanagawa – ビデオ:テレビ神奈川で’Knit for Japan’

On March 9th 2012 TV Kanagawa  broadcasted a program for the first commemoration of the Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami. They have kindly included ‘Knit for Japan’ in it. During the program they called one of the temporary housing facilities, who received many of the hats and other warm items you all knitted.

今年3月9日は東北地方太平洋沖地震の最初の記念になります。テレビ神奈川では、そのためのプログラムを生産しました。TVKはその中に”Knit for Japan”親切に含まれていました。プログラムの間に、皆さんから作った帽子が届いた仮設住宅を電話しました。

‘Knit for Japan’ in the movies – 映画の中で

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a student of the Tokyo Gakugei University. She wanted to make a short movie about “what people all over the world did to support people in Tohoku” for her class.

During her research, she found several interesting projects including ‘Knit for Japan’. She asked to introduce the project and record a short video message in her movie. Here the result. My piece started a 1:19.


研究の間に、彼女は”‘Knit for Japan’も見つけました。彼女は私の活動を紹介し、短いビデオメッセージを記録するために求めました。下にどうぞ。私のビデオは、1:19を始まります。

‘Knit for Japan’ in Denmark – デンマークで “Knit for Japan”

Last week I blogged about the hats I received from the Danish knitter  Vivian Høxbro. She kindly mentioned me to the Danish knitting association, who put a note on their homepage.

先週、私はデンマークのニッタービビアン コクスブローから受け取った帽子についてブログで書きました。彼女は親切にデンマークの編み物協会に’Knit for Japan’を言及しました。協会はホームページにノートを置きました。

Article about ‘Knit for Japan’ in Iwate newspaper – 岩手の新聞記事

End of last year I have sent many of your hats and tawashi to a temporary housing facility in Iwate. We were able to give each resident a hat, along with many scarves and other warm items.

One of the residents spoke with a local newspaper, who kindly published an article about this.Yesterday I got a copy of the article, but don’t know when it appeared and the name of the newspaper. I will try to get that information.

The article also shows a picture of some of the residents opening the boxes, a lady on the right is wearing one of the hats. On the left side is my friends mother.




Kyodo News reports on ‘Knit for Japan’ – Kyodo Newsの記事

Kyodo News – Japan’s Leading News Network has just released an article about ‘Knit for Japan’ titled: “FEATURE: German hoping people can knit Tohoku communities together“. You can see a summary with some pictures here.

Let’s hope some newspaper pick it up and publish the full story.

Kyodo News は、’Knit for Japan’についての記事をリリースしました。皆さんがここに写真と要約(英語)を見ることができます。


Webcams in Tohoku – 東北のウェブカメラ

I just spoke with a friend in Nagano. He had about 5 cm of snow last night. When I searched for weather pictures of Tohoku, I found this link with several webcams in the area.

Travel Japan On Webcam

You can see that is has already snowed in Aomori. The forecast is for more snow during the week. So keep knitting more hats, like those here I got from a Japanese lady.


Travel Japan On Webcam


“Knit for Japan” on TV Kanagawa – “Knit for Japan” はテレビ神奈川で

Last week I was contacted by TV Kanagawa. They were interested in ‘Knit for Japan’ and will put me on their live show ‘Arigato‘ this coming Friday. This evening they came to my knitting class at ‘Culture Hiyoshi‘ to do some filming, which will be shown during the program.

Here the details:

  • TV Kanagawa (tvk) digital 3 ch
  • Program: Arigato
  • Date: Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011
  • Time: 12:00 – 14:00 live ‘Knit for Japan’ from 12:30

先週、私はテレビ神奈川から連絡を受けました。’Knit for Japan’この来る金曜日に”ありがとう”と言う番組で表示されます。今日、Culture Hiyoshiでする編み物教室を来て、撮影しました。

  • テレビ神奈川(tvk)デジタル3ch
  • 番組名:「ありがとッ!」
  • OA 日:月曜~金曜12:00~14:00 LIVE、生放送ご紹介させていただくコーナー:金曜日12:30~「教えて!ポップ先生」
  • 2011年11月18日
  • 内容:番組レギュラーの外国人タレント「サミ・ポップ」http://www.samypop.com/jp/profile.htmlが、日本のことや日本人について、また日本に住む外国人との関わりを通しながら日本と海外のつながりを探し、つながるきっかけを作っていく