6 more boxes of Granny Squares and yarn – グラニース・クエアと毛糸

Over the past week I got 6 more quite large boxes of “Granny Squares” and yarn. It will take me some days to go through and post pictures of them all. Below I post pictures of one of the boxes here from Japan I opened today.


Yarn, hooks and hats from Holland – オランダから毛糸、針と帽子

The other day I received a box from The Netherlands full of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and knitted hats. A letter inside said that another box with Granny Squares is in the process.


Knitting workshop in Miyagi – 宮城県の編み物ワークショップ

Here are some pictures of the knitting workshop “Amimono Ochakko”( -it means ‘knitting tea party’ in Tohoku dialect) in Miyagi on April 8th-9th. organized by Mrs. Sato, who is running “Smile Knit“. She visited me a couple of weeks ago and we selected a large box of mainly cotton yarn for for her.

On the 8th Mrs. Sugimoto and her family made their debut as knitting instructors at a temporary housing facilities in Natori-shi (very close to Sendai Airport). I had introduced both ladies to each other last month and both immediately exchanged emails to set up a socks-knitting workshop. Mrs. Sugimoto’s 11 year old daughter joined and helped out as an assistant knitting teacher. About from 15 to 17 ladies living at the temporary housing facility enjoyed knitting socks for 3 hours. I had send them a box of yarn and other knitting tools, which will stay there keeping everybody busy for some time.

この写真は “ニットスマイル“を実行している佐藤さんから来ました。4月8日〜9日、宮城県で編み物のワークショップをしました。佐藤さんは数週間前に私を訪問し、一緒に綿糸の大きなボックスを集まりました。


Yarn, books and needles – 毛糸、本や針

Spring has come. In my  neighborhood the plume trees are in full bloom. Tohoku is still pretty cold with lowest temperatures around 1 degree C. I will probably send some more warm items this week.


The other day a Japanese knitter has sent me a box of yarn, several knitting books and needles.


Yarn, needles and baby hats from California – カリフォルニアから毛糸、針や赤ちゃんの帽子

Last week I received 2 boxes from kind knitters in California. Lots of knitting needles and yarn. Needles are always welcome. When I outfit a new knitting group I need to send quite a selection of needles to get them started. One box had included neck-warmers and the other a lot of baby hats.


From Kyushu to Tohoku – 九州から東北まで

From reading an article in the Japan Times, a knitter from Kyushu send me a box full of hats, neck-warmers a large snoodle and yarn together with kind letter. It is nice to see, that the article has such a wide reach.


Yarn, needles and books – 毛糸、針や本

Last week my dry cleaning lady had introduced me to a temporary housing facility. She had seen one of the residents on NHK. The residents there want to establish a knitting group and were looking for yarn. Very timely I got several parcels with yarn, knitting tools and books.


Bamboo in the snow – 雪の竹

Big surprise, when I woke up this morning and opened the blinds. Over night, we had about 10 centimeters of snow and it keeps snowing. My Carmelia and bamboo are wearing a snow-cap.

Luckily, the boxes with yarn from Wisconsin in the US had already arrived. A knitting group there have collected yarn and needles. A second box has arrived over the weekend.


良かったら、米国のウィスコンシン州から毛糸のボックスはすでが届きました。編み物グループは、毛糸と針をそこに集めました。 2番目のボックスは週末に来ました。

Cute baby knits – かわいい赤ちゃんニット

Beginning of this week, I got a box from a Japanese knitter full of baby knits, hats, socks, but also yarn and some knitting books.


Yarn for Aomori – 青森のため毛糸

Today I am sending a box full of yarn to Aomori. A knitting group there has sent me many beautiful knits. Know they want to help others learning finger-knitting.

Yesterday, I got a large parcel with lots of yarn and knitting tools. Very nice yarn, probably enough to make a large coat or sweater.