New items arrived – 新しい荷物が届きました

Yesterday on my way out, the postman arrived and delivered a parcel from a lady here in Japan. It has hats, neck-warmers and headbands. Take a look.


3 thoughts on “New items arrived – 新しい荷物が届きました

  1. Have you contacted any US yarn companies about collecting and consolidating items for shipment to Japan?

    Do we need to put both the Japanese and English address labels on packages?

    Could you provide some information about your distribution of the items you have received?


    • Dear Pearl,

      thank you for your kind comment. To answer your question:

      1. No, I have not contacted US yarn makers yet. As shipping larger volumes of yarn to Japan would cost quite a considerable amount, I thought the cost would outperform the benefit and they might rather want to donate the money directly. Would be happy to get your thoughts on this.
      Beside, there are a number of yarn makers in Japan and I am talking an importer at the moment. Might get some of their dead stock.

      2. Address label. No, you don’t need to put the Japanese address label on. Those I made for people in Japan. Thanks for asking, I might need to be clearer on my pdf and I will make a not in the document. Great feedback.

      3. Distribution: One of my friends is originally from Iwate. After the earthquake he hadn’t heard from his family for about a week and then decided to drive there. Luckily, all where alive an unharmed.
      Around his hometown are several shelters for victims and I wanted to go with him on his next trip and start approaching those shelters he or his family knows.
      I thought this might be a way to start.

      As it is becoming warmer now, I will continue to collect items during summer and go again during autumn and winter.

      Please let me know any further question.

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