First Knitting Class at Todoroki Shelter

I just came back from my first knitting class at the Todoroki Arena Shelter. It has been a great event and a wonderful way of using some of the yarn and needles.

We were about 8 people, some children, a veteran knitter, a few newcomers and even a young gentleman. I had put together a big bag with a selection of different yarns, colors and purposes. Copies of patterns for mufflers or woolly hats made it easy of everybody to start something.

One of the ladies made a nice comment I had not thought about. She mentioned that the many kinds of yarns are so interesting to her, many she has never seen in Japan before. Even some of the knitting needles are not found in Japan. Thanks everybody for sending in so many different kinds of yarn.

A mother with 2 of her children joint us and started picking up the skill. She now wants to continue making some items for her kids. Another lady captured what I was hoping to achieve with ‘Knit for Japan’. She said, that knitting makes her forget about everything for a while.

I have thought about taking pictures today, but would like to get to know the people a little better. I had several requests about pictures and I will try my best to take some. Please understand that the people living there have just lost everything. They have no home left to return to, no car, cloth, really nothing. Putting their picture on the internet, might not be the most respectful thing to do. Once I know them better, I will ask their permission. I still hope that everyone who has contributed so far or would like to do so in the future feels, that their items and effort are reaching the people in need.

Thanks you everybody.


One thought on “First Knitting Class at Todoroki Shelter

  1. It touches me reading about your visit at the shelter. We can´t imagine, where the people are going through at the moment. And it seems that it will last a long time until they will have a home again. What a dramatic situation for anyone waiting there!

    And what a fantastic idea, Bernd, to bring in wool and needles. It can be so easy to touch people´s hearts and to make them forget their situation for a little while. Especially when you write about hesitating to take pictures. Just to read it shows me, how difficult life must be for those people. Good luck for all of you there!

    I will do what I can to make the Bad Nauheim Knitevent a great one. Hopefully we get wool, needles and knitted items done with lots of love.

    All the best for you.

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