Knitting event article in German newspaper

After the knitting event, our local German newspaper published a very nice article. It’s all in German, but let me highlight some of the people, who helped making this event special.

Organizer was Mrs. Dagmar Reichardt, who has put endless hours into making this day happen. An amazing lady, with huge amount of energy.

Mr. Marco Seidl with his ‘Japan dreams’ transformed the event space into a Japanese landscape.

Several Chinese tourist by chance heard about the event and decided to participate. They are visiting relatives in Germany and over their stay of 9 weeks, will continue to knit.

Mr. Volker Gempt, president of the German-Japan Society in Frankfurt, thank the participants.

The Vice-Consul of the Japanese Embassy, Mrs. Mayu Ito, was excited to see, that Japanese are no alone and thanked everyone for their support.

To thank the audience, the Japanese dancer Mrs. Michiko Yamazaki took center stage, to demonstrate the mystic and elegance of traditional Japanese dances.

Mrs. Heike Haeuser, wife of the designated major of Bad Nauheim accepted the invitation to cast on some stitches. She has been knitting since childhood and was happy to support the event.

Thank you everybody for a great event.


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