12 boxes of socks, hats, yarn & wool on its way to Japan

What started at the beginning of June during “A day of handcraft”with a few knitting  needles and balls of yarn at a famous park in Bad Nauheim/ Germany, continued on August 12th with a celebration to handover 12 boxes of hand-knitted pieces and yarn to 2 Japanese companies.

Fuji Electric Europe Gmbh (FEE), with its Europe headquarter in Offenbach, offered quick and effective help to support this unusual relief effort for earthquake victims of Japan.

It truly is an honor, to support the initiative ‘Knit for Japan’. We know that we are not able to relieve the suffering of earthquake victims, because they have lost everything, but we can help make their pain a little easier, “began Hiroshi Miki, president of Fuji Electric Europe (FEE), his speech.

When Fred Eschrich, General Manager of FEE, heard about ‘Knit for Japan’ from his employee Christian Zahrt, he contacted MOL Logistics GmbH, their long-term logistic partner. Here too, the idea was met with enthusiasm. Mr. Hiroki Sakaya and Michael Lanthaler of MOL will take charge for the transport of the collected wool, knitting needles and hand-made items. Both had taken the time to travel from Düsseldorf to attend the handover.

Dagmar Reichardt, who lives in Bad Nauheim, read about ‘Knit for Japan’ in her local German newspaper and immediately contacted Bernd Kestler. Given that 2 knitter, who live so far apart work together to help people in Tohoku, has inspired and motivated many to help. “All over the Wetterau, a beautiful area north of Frankfurt, I collected yarn, wonderful scarves, hats and socks.” said Dagmar during her speech to thank all people involved and both Japanese companies for their kind and effective support.

Family Claussen, friendly neighbors of Dagmar, helped and spend endless hours collecting the various pieces. “I would have been lost without them.” said Dagmar in looking back on the event. Not to forget the kind support through the German-Japan Society in Frankfurt, who had asked the famous Japanese dancer Mrs. Michiko Yamazaki to perform and create an impressive ambiance for the day.

The boxes are now on their way to Japan, soon to help people around Tohoku.


5 thoughts on “12 boxes of socks, hats, yarn & wool on its way to Japan

  1. Reading this just give me hope for the world. Seeing people work together this way shows how people from every country cares for another.

  2. Thank you Bernd for telling the whole story. I hope so much that everything done by heart will reach another heart. We´re all very glad – anybody who came to the knitting day or brought things later – that you offered us the possibility to help that way. It was your idea and it has something very special. All of us, who knitted for Japan, put their hope for a better future for all of you in every stitch. Please, take care!

  3. Dear Ms. Reichardt,
    please let me thank you, Messrs. Fuji Electric Europe GmbH, Mr. Zahrt and all the ‘helpful spirits’ in the background on behalf of the Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Frankfurt for all the enourmous thought and effort put into this rewarding project. It was an honour and a priviledge for us to be a supporting part of this.

    Volker Gempt

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