Two boxes of wool for Miyagi – 毛糸、針二箱を宮城県に送った。

Through the Japanese social network Mixi I was contacted by a Japanese woman. Her neighbours are from Miyagi and have lost their house. The grandma and her friends were looking for some wool to knit hats and other items for the coming winter.

Today, she came and we selected 2 boxes of wool and needles together with some of the knit items. Both boxes are already on their way and will arrive tomorrow.

Mixiから連絡されました。宮城県を住んでいるおばあちゃんが家をなくなりました。友達と一緒に編み物をしたいし、毛糸を欲しかった。今日、’Knit for Japan’の毛糸からたくさん選んで、二箱を送りました。


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