Books, yarn and kits from Gosyo – 本、毛糸やキットGosyoから届きました

When I started ‘Knit for Japan’ one of my problems was to handout some knitting instructions together with the yarn. I had found some good instructions on the internet, but as shelters have no or limited access to computers and the internet, this was not a good solution.

私が「Knit for Japan」を始めたときに私の問題の1つは毛糸とともに編み図があまりありません。 私はインターネットのあるよい編み図を見つけたが、避難所にコンピュータとインターネットのアクセスがないので、これはよい解決ではありません。

In one of the boxes of yarn I received from a Japanese knitter, I found several copies of a very nice book titled: ‘Simple Knit’, published by the Japanese company Gosyo in Aichi Prefecture. Many of those knitting patterns are available on the internet in Japanese and English.

受け取った毛糸の箱の中に’Simple Knit’「簡単なニット」と言う素晴らしい本の複数を付けられる見つけた。 その本は愛知県にある後正産業株式会社が出版します。 それらの編むパターンの多数は日本語と英語にもインターネットで利用できます。

So last week I wrote a letter to Gosyo asking, if they could kindly donate me some copies of the book. Shortly after I received a very friendly reply from one of their employees with a few more questions.

先週、私はGosyoに手紙を書いて、それらが本のあるコピー親切に’Knit for Japan’を寄付できるを聞きました。 すぐにとても親切な応答を受け取りました。

The president of Gosyo then took the time out of his busy schedule to put together a wonderful selection of 140 copies of their books, yarn, hooks & needles and a personal letter. He also included a number of the Gosyo knitting kits. Those include the instruction, yarn and needles for a scarf. For the exhibition at the Tabunka Festa next month, we were planning to hand out some kits for knitters, to make the item and send it back to me or someone in Tohoku. I am sure, people at the Festa will enjoy knitting with the kit from Gosyo.

Gosyoの社長さんは忙しいスケジュールから時間取って、アイテムを選びました。本の140枚のコピーや毛糸、針やキットと個人的な手紙まとめました。 送ったきっとを多分かFestaで使うことが出来ます。


One thought on “Books, yarn and kits from Gosyo – 本、毛糸やキットGosyoから届きました

  1. I always buy yarn from this shop!
    I once asked for their cooperation with supporting those who might be in need of knitting in Tohoku, and I got a positive reply from them saying, “if there is a way for us to cooperate, we would love to send yarn and kneedles and other supplies.”
    At that time I didn’t know you and I didn’t know any other resources on donating yarn and knit items so it was on hold for a while.
    I’m so glad you were led to Gosyo and had a wonderful result.

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