Box No. 6 – 箱 第六

One by one I am getting through the 12 boxes from Germany. Currently, I have 2 requests for yarn for Tohoku – one is again for the knitting group in Sendai. The other comes from a 30 people knitting group in Miyagi-ken at Higashi Matsushima. Therefore, a lot of the yarn will be immediately put to good use.


Several years ago I visited the Matsushima area on my motorbike. The coast is know for its picturesque pine-tree covered islands. The extend of losses of life and destruction is unbelievable and heart-breaking.

数年前に私はオートバイで松島地方を訪問しました。 海岸は絵のようなマツ木によって覆われる島のために有名です。 今の状態について聞くことは私を悲しくさせます。


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