Wool, needles and books for Tohoku – 毛糸、針や本を東北へ

Last weekend I had 2 requests for yarn and needles. One came from the knitting group at the temporary housing facility in Sendai. They started a couple of weeks ago and asked for more yarn.


The other is from a group in Higashi Matsushima. They were asking for a started kit for about 30 people. Now, I could include some of the knitting books I got from Gosyo and a lot of the needles I got from Germany.

他の要求は、東松島のグループから来ました。約30人のための開始キットを求めて欲しいです。今、Gosyoの編み物の本 ‘Simple Knit’やドイツから届いた針をいくつかを含めることができます。

Over the last 2 days I packed the boxes and will send them today. My plan was to ship them yesterday, but with the taifun ‘Roke’ approaching I thought it would be safer to wait another day.


I still have a good amount of yarn left, but with cooler weather coming I guess this will go soon. So if you have some yarn to spare wool, especially 100% wool or other animal fiber, please put some together for me.



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