Immediately needed | 今すぐ欲しい

Immediately needed | 今すぐ欲しい

  • Knitting needles 棒針の針
  • Crochet hooks かぎ針の針
  • Knitting needles #8 – 10 (4.5 – 5mm) and larger 棒針の針 8 – 10号
  • Crochet hooks #6, 8 and 10 かぎ針の針 6, 8や10号
  • Sewing needles to weave in yarn ends はぎのために裁縫針
  • Thick yarn 太い毛糸

5 thoughts on “Immediately needed | 今すぐ欲しい

      • Just returned and was able to afford only one box (of the two). You’ve got the baby items, more yarn than I could count and 69 pairs of knitting needles, all different sizes (3 circular). I’ll save up and ship the other box (more yarn and the adult hats) as soon as possible. Delivery time is 6-10 days. Would you like the tracking information?

      • Hello Vicky, that is very sweet of you. Please take your time. No hurry. I am a bit worried about the postage. Baby items can always be used, even in 6 month.

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