Winter knits from Aomori – 青森県から冬のニット

A knitting group from Aomori has kindly sent me 2 boxes with a total of 270 handmade winter items. Many of them beautifully wrapped as presents. Today I had contact with another temporary housing facility and a kindergarten. Both are looking for hats, scarves and other warm items and I will include the knits from Aomori.

  • Adult wrist warmer: 198
  • Kids wrist warmer: 41
  • Kids scarves: 9
  • Scrunchie: 5
  • Paper Tissue Covers: 3
  • Tawashi: 14

The Tawashi is a Japanese traditional scrubbing brush to wash off the dirt. They are typically knitted or crocheted out of acrylic yarn. Sometimes just a simple square, but others come in the shape of animals, flowers or any shape you can think of. A Tawashi is very useful for cleaning dishes in your kitchen.


  • 大人用リストウォーマー 198
  • 子供用リストウォーマー 41
  • 子供用マフラー 9
  • シュシュ 5
  • ティッシュカバー 3
  • アクリルたわし 14


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