More yarn for Tohoku – 東北のためのより多くの毛糸

Last week, one of the knitting groups from Higashi Matsushima contacted me. Some of the ladies would like to knit sweaters and were asking, if I could supply them with yarn for those.


Yesterday, I have sent them a box with enough yarn for several sweaters or vests, together with some of the knitting boxes I had received. At the same time I sent a box of yarn to a friend. She and some of her friends have offered to knit some hats or mufflers for ‘Knit for Japan”.

昨日、東松島にいくつかのセーターやベストのための十分な毛糸を送信されました。同時に、友人に毛糸をいくつを送りました。友達と一緒に’Knit for Japan’ のために帽子やマフラーを編んで寄付します。



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