Kids from KIST knit for Tohoku – KISTの学生は東北のために編む

I thought of saving the best for this year’s last post. In August Mrs. Rabenau, a teacher from K. International School Tokyo (KIST), contacted me. She had started a knitting class for her students. As their first project, each student had to knit a square for a blanket. Mrs. Rabenau asked me, if I would be interested in the finished blanket for ‘Knit for Japan’?

She invited me to join the group and help a little teaching continental knitting. Over the past months, I visited several times, becoming an adjunct knitting instructor. The energy of each student, their enthusiasm and passion to cast-on, knit and purl was a wonderful experience for me to see. Each of the kids truly knitted with their heart and hands for Tohoku. In a few weeks many squares were made, which are now in the process of being crocheted together.

今年の最後のポストのためのこの語を救うことについて考えました。 8月に、K.インターナショナルスクール東京 (KIST) のラベナウ先生から連絡されました。学生のために編み物クラスを始めていた。最初のプロジェクトとして、学生はブランケットのための正方形を編みなければなりませんでした。出来たら、それ’Knit for Japan’にを寄付したいでした。



One thought on “Kids from KIST knit for Tohoku – KISTの学生は東北のために編む

  1. You have started an amazing legacy. You have inspired me! In the New Year I plan to knit a minimum of 3 baby animal blankets a month for newborns in Tohoku. Keep up the great work!

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