Germany: Parcel No. 2 & 3 – ドイツから第2&3の小包

I  had a nice surprise this morning. Over night, it started to snow here in Yokohama. Not much and not enough to build a snowman, but as it  was quite cold the roads were covered in ice. Now the sun came out and all started to melt.

So I got to parcel 2 & 3 from Germany. Both had some beautiful scarves and shawls and I was tempted to put one on taking pictures outside.



One thought on “Germany: Parcel No. 2 & 3 – ドイツから第2&3の小包

  1. Ive finished my first shipment of “crocheted toys” for new Tohoku babies! I want to wrap them myself. I have pics you can post on your blog if you give me your email address… They’re dragons and I’m impressed at how cute they came out. I’ll send them Saturday by yuu-pac so I imagine you’ll get them no later than Tuesday… Keep up the excellent work!!!

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