Warm hats from Nagasaki – 長崎から暖かい帽子

I am always amazed to see, what ideas people have. Last week I got a box full of hats from a talented knitter in Nagasaki in Kyushu. Apart from 20 well knitted hats, she had also included several cute tawashi (I love the strawberry one) and a toy sponge cake for kids to play with.

Today I also took the 500th picture of items I received. When I started the project, I thought of a way to number my pictures. So I came up with a code for my files ‘kfj_item0XXX, which would allow me 10,000 pictures, before running out of numbers. Now I am 5% there.


今日、私が受け取った作品の第500の写真を撮りました。’Knit for Japan’を始めたとき、写真を数にする方法を考えました。だからファイル’kfj_item0XXX用のコードを思い付いた。そすると1万写真を撮ることが出来ます。今、そこに5%です。


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