‘Knit for Japan’ on TV Kanagawa – テレビ神奈川で’Knit for Japan’

This Sunday will be the first commemoration of the Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami. TV Kanagawa is producing a program for that. They have kindly included ‘Knit for Japan’ in it. During the program they will call one of the temporary housing facilities, who received many of the hats and other warm items you all knitted.

The piece will be on air around 12:30 lunchtime. If you can’t see it, I will get a DVD later and put it on the blog here.

この日曜日は東北地方太平洋沖地震の最初の記念になります。テレビ神奈川では、そのためのプログラムを生産しています。TVKはその中に”Knit for Japan”親切に含まれています。プログラムの間に、皆さんから作った帽子が届いた仮設住宅を電話します。



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