One year ago

This time one year ago, I was walking back from Sakuragicho in Yokohama. I was in an elevator, when the earthquake happen. First I thought there was something wrong with the elevator, when I realized it was an earthquake. Luckily it moved up and the door opened. The building I was in, was shaking for quite some time.

With the news coming in I rang my family in Germany to let them know I was alright. Later I went from train station to train station, but all lines had stopped. Even buses didn’t get through, as streets where jammed . Like many others, I decided to walk home. I walked along the Toyoko Line in hope the service would resume. I came though several completely blacked out areas. I remember that one restaurant had posted a sign outside, offering its bathroom.

It took me over 3 hours to get home. Luckily only a few books had fallen of. Electricity was on, but gas was switched of automatically.

Today, I was at the same building riding the same elevator. Japanese TV were showing several programs with unseen footage of the tsunami.

Thank you everyone, who has generously supported ‘Knit for Japan’ over the past year. I look forward to continue knitting for Japan.


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