More knits for Iwate – 岩手のために多くのニット

Last Friday TV Kanagawa (TVK) spoke live on air to my friend’s mother, who now lives at a temporary housing facility in Iwate. TVK had put together a special program to commemorate the  earthquake and tsunami from 2011.

Last year, I had sent her almost 200 woolly hats, one for each resident. The staff at TVK has knitted a scarf, which came out in a rather interesting shape, so we made it into a cover for a hot water bottle. I will get a DVD from the program and blog it here. To arrive together with the item from TVK, I had sent a box full of hats, shawls and several knitting kits to Iwate. It is still pretty grim in Tohoku and my friend’s mom doesn’t know, when and if they be able to move from the temporary housing. Keep knitting.




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