Almost 100 Granny Squares – ほとんど100枚のグラニースクエア

A knitter from Nagano Prefecture has sent me 9 more squares. Now the counts has almost reached the first 100 squares.



2 thoughts on “Almost 100 Granny Squares – ほとんど100枚のグラニースクエア

  1. So happy to see that this idea is catching on. Love the variety of squares that have been sent in thus far. How long does this project last? I want to promote the granny square project to various groups on and my friends.

    • Hello Maureen,

      I agree. It is great to see so many different designs and colors. Another aspect I like is, that sending one or two squares in an envelope doesn’t cost much. This makes it easy for crocheter to participate.
      Please tell your friends. It is great to see the project is catching up.

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