So many more Granny Squares – より多くのグラニー・スクエア

Over the past days I received many more Granny Squares. Altogether 127 motifs. Some from Singapore, other from Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama and Ibaraki. Thanks you all for helping me with “The Granny Square Project”.



3 thoughts on “So many more Granny Squares – より多くのグラニー・スクエア

    • Hello, yes, they arrived safely. I was quite busy, so took me a few days to take pictures and post them. Thanks a lot for sending them. Bernd

  1. Reblogged this on Pretty Little Things in a Box and commented:
    Remember those Granny Squares which I helped to crochet (mine work is the second picture on the top left).. Wow.. Finally It reached Japan.. Yay!! Knit of Japan is still sort of 1000+ pieces.. Target to reach 7000+ pieces.. So get your yarn, hook and crafty hands and crochet/ knit some pieces for the project.

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