How can you help?

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Are you good in knitting or crochet and interested in putting your skills to use for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake? This is the place to start.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Bernd Kestler, I am a German living in Japan since 1998. I have been knitting for over 30 years, most recently as a student at the Nihon Vogue knitting school. Twice a month I organize a small knit-cafe in my hometown near Yokohama.

After the Tohoku earthquake on March 11th, I thought of ways to support people, who have lost everything. Giving them a “woolly hug” in the shape of a hat, pair of socks or scarf is a wonderful way to help. Every stitch can make a difference.

“Knit for Japan” is an initiative to collect and distribute hand-knitted/ crocheted items, yarn and knitting/ crochet tools to victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

  • Knit/ Crochet items: Every stitch can make a difference. Take out your needles or crochet hook and start to cast-on for a woolly hat, pair of socks, a scarf or some gloves.
  • Yarn and tools: From your stock of yarn send a couple of skeins together with needles or crochet hook. Many people at a shelter have not much to do during the day. Knitting can help to relieve some stress, increase motivation and produce something useful. Non-knitters might learn a new skill.

Please send your knit/ crochet item to me here in Japan, preferably by airmail. You can find my address already made as address labels in the sidebar and below:

Bernd Kestler

Yokohama-shi 223-0062


Hiyoshi Honcho 6-39-9