Baby knits from France – フランスからのベビーニット

Last week I got 2 more parcels from France. So many colorful hats, scarves and baby shoes. Also included are sets of matching hat and scarf. My contact in Fukushima told me, they are still looking for warm items, so I am planning to send another box next week.




France No. 5 – the final box– フランス第五:最後の箱

Today I opened the last of the 5 parcels I received from France. Beautiful warm blankets, room shoes and socks. Tomorrow I will send off a shipment to a refugee shelter in Fukushima. At a temperature of -1 C, I am sure people will be happy getting some warm knits.

今日、フランスから受け取った最後の箱を開きました。美しい暖かい毛布、ルームシューズと靴下を見つかりました。明日は福島での避難所への出荷を送る予定があります。現在、福島には-1 Cの温度で、人々の暖かいニットを得る幸せだと思います。

France No. 4 – more beautiful knits– フランス第四:より美しいニット

And another great morning opening parcel No. 4. Very exciting to find more hats (they will go to Fukushima), shawls and scarves, shoes and a kids sweater.




France No. 3 – Shoes, hats & scarves– フランス第三:ルームシューズ、帽子とマフラー

It feels a bit like Christmas. Every morning I can open another parcel. Today I found a collection of colorful room-shoes, many warm hats and several neck-warmers.

At the moment I am putting a shipment together for a shelter in Fukushima. I am sure the people there will appreciate each piece.

今、ちょっとクリスマスのような感じがします。毎朝一つ一つの小包を開くことができます。今日はカラフルな ルームシューズ、多くの暖かい帽子といくつかのネックウォーマーのコレクションを発見しました。現時、福島の避難所のために暖かい作品を集まります。

France No. 2 – Kids sweaters – フランス第二:子供ののセーター

Amazing what I found, when I opened the next parcel from France. So many beautiful and well made kids sweaters. A baby jacket with hood and shoes.


Lots of knits from France – フランスからニットがたくさん

A very kind and skilled knitter from France has send me several packages of beautiful knits. The other day, the mailman delivered 5 boxes. Take a look, I will post pictures of the items box-by-box.