Colorful hats and scarves – カラフルな帽子とマフラー

Tomorrow, I will send one more box to Tohoku. Included will be some colorful hats and scarves I had received recently.



More knits for Iwate – 岩手のために多くのニット

Last Friday TV Kanagawa (TVK) spoke live on air to my friend’s mother, who now lives at a temporary housing facility in Iwate. TVK had put together a special program to commemorate the  earthquake and tsunami from 2011.

Last year, I had sent her almost 200 woolly hats, one for each resident. The staff at TVK has knitted a scarf, which came out in a rather interesting shape, so we made it into a cover for a hot water bottle. I will get a DVD from the program and blog it here. To arrive together with the item from TVK, I had sent a box full of hats, shawls and several knitting kits to Iwate. It is still pretty grim in Tohoku and my friend’s mom doesn’t know, when and if they be able to move from the temporary housing. Keep knitting.



From Kyushu to Tohoku – 九州から東北まで

From reading an article in the Japan Times, a knitter from Kyushu send me a box full of hats, neck-warmers a large snoodle and yarn together with kind letter. It is nice to see, that the article has such a wide reach.


Knits from Mt. Fuji – 富士山からニット

My knitting student from Gotemba has sent me a large box full of shawls, hats, scarves and other warm items. Some knitted, some crocheted.

I have been to Gotemba several times and it is a great starting point for a trip around Mt. Fuji.



3 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のため箱3つ

This morning I packed 3 more boxes for Tohoku. One is going to the temporary housing facility in Iwate. I am sending them more shawls and scarves. The other one is for Fukushima and quite large. I had a number of cardigans, shawls and other warm items, which should still be useful. The last box is the first one for a temporary housing facility in Miyagi. Some of the residents want to knit and were asking for yarn and needles. All should arrive by tomorrow.


Knits from a Non-knitter – 編み物できないニッターからニット

A friend of mine has sent me a box full of shawls, scarves and a hat. She can’t knit herself, but has asked among her friends to make and donate some knits. You don’t need to be a knitter yourself to help.


More knits for Fukushima – 福島よりニット

Today I have sent another box of 65 hats, lots of scarves, kids sweaters and other items to Fukushima. It will arrive there tomorrow. Still pretty cold there with 2°C.

今日は帽子65枚、マフラーや子供のセーター、福島の他を送りました。明日はそこに到着します。 現在、あそこは2℃で、また寒いです。