Lace for Iwate – 岩手にレース

A lady at one of the temporary housing facilities in Iwate was asking, if I could send her some lace yarn. I had a nice amount together and today shipped a box to her.



lace, needles, hooks, zippers and much more – レース、針、フック、ファスナーなど多くの

When I came home the other day, a large box was waiting outside my entrance. It was quite heavy. When I opened it, I was amazed to find hundreds of items. Knitting needles, crochet hook, sewing needles,  lace, buttons, zippers, beads and many more.


Lace yarn, wool and books – レース糸、ウール、書籍

The other day I came home and found 3 large boxes waiting at my door. One was quite heavy and I wondered, what would be inside. When I opened I found a stack of Japanese knitting book. Some for crochet others for knitting or lace. The other boxes had the necessary yarn and tool together with some hats.