Artist for Tohoku – 東北のためアーティスト

Some time ago the artist Anne Schreivogl contacted me. Many years ago she had lived in Japan. Now she wanted to return the kindness and deliver some of her painting to Tohoku. You can read about her “Japan Painting Project” on her blog, with many of the pictures she took in Sendai and Ishinomaki.

After returning she has sent me several of her cards, knits and  yarn together with one of the folded origami hearts. A truly inspiring journey.

何ヶ月間前に作家アン シュライフォーゲルさんからメールが届きました。何年も前に、彼女は日本に住んでいました。今、彼女は優しさを返し、東北に自分で作った絵を仮設住宅に持って行きました。アンのブログで”日本絵画·プロジェクト”を読むことができます。仙台と石巻市で撮った写真の多くを見ることができます。



Yarn for Sendai – 仙台のため毛糸

A couple of weeks ago a knitter contacted me. She wanted to organize some knitting workshops in Sendai and was asking, if I had any contacts there. It was great timing, as I had just met with the organizer of “Smile Knit“. I introduced them to each other and this week they will organize a socks knitting workshop together. As they needed some more colorful yarn I have sent a box together with needles and other tools to Sendai.


Knitting Group in Sendai – 仙台の編み物グループ

Last Friday Mrs. Sato visited me here in Hiyoshi. She is running the project ‘Smile Knit‘ to organize knitting workshops around Sendai. Now it is getting warmer and she was looking for cotton yarn. Together we selected a large box out of what I have. She brought me one of her cute hand-knitted donuts tawashi.



Got more beautiful yarn – より美しい毛糸

Over the last few days I got a lot more yarn. Several knitters from around Japan have send some boxes with yarn and hand-knitted gloves or socks. A friend of a friend, who lives close-by, drove here and brought me several bags full of wool. A lady from Australia for the third time has sent me knitting needles.

I am sure the knitting groups in Sendai and Higashi Matsushima will be happy for some of the winter yarn.


Sendai Festival – みやぎの・まつり 参加してきました

The knitting group from Sendai took part in a local festival last Sunday. A report and some pictures are published here.


現地からのレポート <助けあいジャパン>: みやぎの・まつり 参加してきました

Box No. 9 and 10 – 箱 第九と十

Each box has new surprises. Take a look at the needle boxes and embroidery kits. Both I used together with a lot of the yarn for the shipments to Sendai and Higashi Matsushima.


Wool, needles and books for Tohoku – 毛糸、針や本を東北へ

Last weekend I had 2 requests for yarn and needles. One came from the knitting group at the temporary housing facility in Sendai. They started a couple of weeks ago and asked for more yarn.


The other is from a group in Higashi Matsushima. They were asking for a started kit for about 30 people. Now, I could include some of the knitting books I got from Gosyo and a lot of the needles I got from Germany.

他の要求は、東松島のグループから来ました。約30人のための開始キットを求めて欲しいです。今、Gosyoの編み物の本 ‘Simple Knit’やドイツから届いた針をいくつかを含めることができます。

Over the last 2 days I packed the boxes and will send them today. My plan was to ship them yesterday, but with the taifun ‘Roke’ approaching I thought it would be safer to wait another day.


I still have a good amount of yarn left, but with cooler weather coming I guess this will go soon. So if you have some yarn to spare wool, especially 100% wool or other animal fiber, please put some together for me.