Granny Squares and hats from New Hampshire – ニューハンプシャー州からグラニースクエアと帽子

A knitting group from the beautiful city of Franklin – New Hampshire has send some time to crochet 64 Granny Squares and several cute woolly hats. I truly enjoy to see all this beautiful colors and yarns from so many creative people.

フランクリン (ニューハンプシャー州)にある編み物グループから美しいグラニースクエア64枚と帽子いくつが届きました。本当にクリエイティブな人々からのすべての美しい作品を見て楽しです。


Yarn, hooks and hats from Holland – オランダから毛糸、針と帽子

The other day I received a box from The Netherlands full of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and knitted hats. A letter inside said that another box with Granny Squares is in the process.


Yarn and hats – 毛糸と帽子

More yarn and hats arrived. All in beautiful colors, which should make nice hats or socks. The other day my mom had send me a book with different ways in knitting socks.
I tried out a way in knitting socks sideways. This is pretty easy and I thought it could make a simple way for people to knit some socks.


Rainy day, just right for knitting – 雨の日, 編み物にぴったり

It has been raining here in Yokohama since last evening. All cherry blossoms have been washed of the trees and many streets on my way home are all pink. This is just the right weather to spend an afternoon knitting, maybe some hats or socks. The same must have thought a Japanese lady, as she has sent me a bag full of hats and other warm knits.


Hand-knitted with love – 愛で手編み

From the US I received a very  nice parcel full of warm hats and some knitting yarn. Each item had a label saying “Hand knitted with ♡ by …”. It is so nice to see, how much care and love knitters spend from around the world to help the people in Tohoku.


One more box for Fukushima – 福島にもう一つの箱

Today I have sent a final box with warm knit items to Fukushima. Now I have used up all the items you have sent me, except for some kids and baby knits. Those will go out soon too. With warmer weather now coming soon, I will probably send out more yarn.


Colorful hats and scarves – カラフルな帽子とマフラー

Tomorrow, I will send one more box to Tohoku. Included will be some colorful hats and scarves I had received recently.