More yarn for Tohoku – 東北のためのより多くの毛糸

Last week, one of the knitting groups from Higashi Matsushima contacted me. Some of the ladies would like to knit sweaters and were asking, if I could supply them with yarn for those.


Yesterday, I have sent them a box with enough yarn for several sweaters or vests, together with some of the knitting boxes I had received. At the same time I sent a box of yarn to a friend. She and some of her friends have offered to knit some hats or mufflers for ‘Knit for Japan”.

昨日、東松島にいくつかのセーターやベストのための十分な毛糸を送信されました。同時に、友人に毛糸をいくつを送りました。友達と一緒に’Knit for Japan’ のために帽子やマフラーを編んで寄付します。



In & Out – 発送 & 受け取る

Last Monday, I put another box of yarn, needles and some kits together for the knitting group in Higashi Matsushima. As it is getting colder in Tohoku, I included some nice thick yarn to knit winter hats or scarves.


Over the past days, I received many new knitted items and yarn. It will take me some time to take pictures of all and post them. Great yarn, hats, socks, sweaters and many more beautiful handmade articles. I am planning to send more hats to the temporary facility in Iwate beginning of next month. So the things I received a very welcome. Thank you all.


Got more beautiful yarn – より美しい毛糸

Over the last few days I got a lot more yarn. Several knitters from around Japan have send some boxes with yarn and hand-knitted gloves or socks. A friend of a friend, who lives close-by, drove here and brought me several bags full of wool. A lady from Australia for the third time has sent me knitting needles.

I am sure the knitting groups in Sendai and Higashi Matsushima will be happy for some of the winter yarn.


Many more pictures from Higashi Matsushima – 東松島から多くの写真

Today I got many more pictures from Higashi Matsushima. Everybody is enjoying knitting and helping each other, building a lively knitting community. You might see some of the yarn you donated. Thank you all, for making this possible.



Another knitting group at Higashi Matsushima – 東松島でもう一つの編み物グループ

Through Mixi I was contact from another knitting group at Higashi Matsushima. They will start next week with about 10 people. Today, I have sent them a box of yarn, needles and knitting books as a starter-kit.


Pictures from Higashi Matsushima – 東松島からの写真

The lady, who is organizing the knitting group in Higashi Matsushima has send me several pictures. They show some of her members and items they have knitted and crocheted.


Box No. 9 and 10 – 箱 第九と十

Each box has new surprises. Take a look at the needle boxes and embroidery kits. Both I used together with a lot of the yarn for the shipments to Sendai and Higashi Matsushima.