More knits for Fukushima – 福島のためのより多くの作品

More warm knits are on its way to Fukushima. Lots of shawls, scarves and more hats. It’s still pretty cold here in Japan and all your knits will be greatly appreciated. In total:

  • Blankets: 9
  • Hats: 24
  • Scarves: 23
  • a few neckwarmers, gloves and other knits


  • 毛布
  • 帽子
  • マフラー
  • いくつかのネックウォーマー、手袋、その他のニット

Germany: Parcel No. 4 & 5 – ドイツから第4&5の小包

Today I will send off another large box to Fukushima. It is still pretty cold here. Last week it snowed and the ground is still frozen. The knits I got from Germany will go to Fukushima this afternoon.


54 hats from the ‘Knitters for Love’ – “愛のための編み”から54帽子

Last Tuesday I went over to meet with the ‘Knitters for Love’ at the Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi. Over the new year, they have put their needles to work and made:

  • Kids hats: 31
  • Adult hats: 23
  • Scarves: 5

The woolly hats for adults are already in Fukushima keep a lot of people at a temporary housing facility warm.


  • 大人:31枚
  • 子供: 23枚
  • マフラー: 5枚

115 hats for Fukushima – 福島のため帽子115枚

Today I packed a box with 115 woolly hats, several scarves, shawls, neckwarmer and other knits to Fukushima. The items should keep some people warm for the winter.



France No. 5 – the final box– フランス第五:最後の箱

Today I opened the last of the 5 parcels I received from France. Beautiful warm blankets, room shoes and socks. Tomorrow I will send off a shipment to a refugee shelter in Fukushima. At a temperature of -1 C, I am sure people will be happy getting some warm knits.

今日、フランスから受け取った最後の箱を開きました。美しい暖かい毛布、ルームシューズと靴下を見つかりました。明日は福島での避難所への出荷を送る予定があります。現在、福島には-1 Cの温度で、人々の暖かいニットを得る幸せだと思います。