Warm knits for kids in Iwate – 岩手県の子供のための暖かいニット

Over the last weeks I had received many baby and kids items. Last week I got in contact with a gentleman, how runs a NPO for local temporary housing facilities in Iwate. Today I have send him a large box of baby and kids knits he will distribute to families at different facilities.



Kids knits – キッズニット

For some time now I have been taking classes to learn beaded tatting. Last week, one of the other students there kindly brought me a kids vest she has knitted together with a matching shirts.

The other day I received an envelope from the US with 2 baby hats and matching gloves. So cute.



Yarn, needles and baby hats from California – カリフォルニアから毛糸、針や赤ちゃんの帽子

Last week I received 2 boxes from kind knitters in California. Lots of knitting needles and yarn. Needles are always welcome. When I outfit a new knitting group I need to send quite a selection of needles to get them started. One box had included neck-warmers and the other a lot of baby hats.


Cute baby knits – かわいい赤ちゃんニット

Beginning of this week, I got a box from a Japanese knitter full of baby knits, hats, socks, but also yarn and some knitting books.


Baby knits from France – フランスからのベビーニット

Last week I got 2 more parcels from France. So many colorful hats, scarves and baby shoes. Also included are sets of matching hat and scarf. My contact in Fukushima told me, they are still looking for warm items, so I am planning to send another box next week.



Baby hats, cardigans and socks – 赤ちゃんの帽子、カーディガンや靴下

I am always amazed, what people are knitting. A Japanese knitter has send me a large box of baby hats, cardigans and socks. I can only imagine, how much time it took to complete each piece.


Knitted sweaters – ニットセーター

A very skilled knitter from Japan has send me a box full of beautiful sweaters and cardigans. She also included a yellow baby suit.