Amazing – 443 Granny Squares from Australia – すごい、オーストラリアから443枚

A month ago the Australian knitting group “knit4charities” organized a crochet-a-long to collect Granny Squares for ‘Knit for Japan’. The target was 435 squares, but in the end the group collect 443 motifs.

It will take me some time to go through the box and post more pictures. At least I wanted to show you the range of squares the group made. So many beautiful colors, shapes and yarns. Thanks you everybody for your kind contribution.

1ヶ月の前オーストラリアにあるの編み物グループ “knit4charities”は “Knit for Japan’のためにグラニースクエア443枚を作りました。



Many woolly hats from Australia – オーストラリアから多くの帽子

A gifted knitter from Australia has send me a bag full of woolly hats and some other warm items. The people at a temporary housing facility in Fukushima had asked for more knits, so the hats will go there this week.


Colorful kids beanies from Australia – オーストラリアからカラフルなキッズビーニー

A gifted knitter from Australia has sent me a bag full of knitted kid’s beanies. Now I can send another box to Tohoku. Many kids are still waiting for their hat.