3 blankets and more Granny Squares from Germany – ドイツから来た毛布とスクエア

The other day I received 3 ready made Granny Square blankets and 15 more squares from Germany. This pushed the counter now well over the 1,000 square mark.



Germany: Parcel No. 4 & 5 – ドイツから第4&5の小包

Today I will send off another large box to Fukushima. It is still pretty cold here. Last week it snowed and the ground is still frozen. The knits I got from Germany will go to Fukushima this afternoon.


Germany: Parcel No. 2 & 3 – ドイツから第2&3の小包

I  had a nice surprise this morning. Over night, it started to snow here in Yokohama. Not much and not enough to build a snowman, but as it  was quite cold the roads were covered in ice. Now the sun came out and all started to melt.

So I got to parcel 2 & 3 from Germany. Both had some beautiful scarves and shawls and I was tempted to put one on taking pictures outside.



Germany: Parcel No. 1 – ドイツから第1の小包

Last week I received 7 parcels from the ‘Knitting Couple’ in Germany. So many beautiful items and yarn. The first parcel I opened had a very cute childrens dress, a scarf and a lot of warm yarn.


7 parcels from Germany – ドイツから7箱 – 7 Packete aus Deutschland

What a surprise. When I came home today I found a tower of 7 parcels from “The knitting couple” in Germany at my entrance.


Als ich heute nach Hause kam, war ich ziemlich überrascht. Da stand ein Turm aus 7 Packet vom “Knitting Couple” in Deutschland vor meiner Tür. Vielen Dank Euch beiden.


More hats from Germany – ドイツから届いた帽子

A knitting couple from Germany has send me a box full of wonderful warm hats with matching scarf. The also included a stack of postcards  available in Germany to send a message of support to someone  Japan.


Box No. 11 and 12 – 箱 第十一と十二

Finally, I got through all the boxes from Germany. Most of the items and yarn is already in Tohoku. Thank you everybody for getting so many beautiful things together.

Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten. Das war wirklich eine tolle Aktion und hat vielen Menschen in Tohoku geholfen.