Knit for Japan @ Tokyo Hobby Show 2014


Last week many people visited the booth of ‘Knit for Japan’ at the Tokyo Hobby Show 2014. From morning to afternoon, busy hands were helping to crochet together Granny Squares into blankets.

Maybe some of you remember our young friend, who last year crocheted a square. This year we were happy to see him again, a year older and with longer hair. With his grandmother he made another wonderful motif. Even his younger brother join in.

The Hobby Show was a great success. Thank you all, who came and helped making blankets.

先週、多くの人が東京ホビーショー2014で「Knit for Japan」のブースを訪問しました。 朝から午後まで、皆さんがモチーフを繋いで、ブランケットを作りました。

たぶん、皆様は、昨年来た若い編物男子を覚えています。今年も彼は「Knit for Japan」のブースに再び来ました。彼の祖母と一緒に、素晴らしいモチーフを編みました。でも、彼の弟も手伝いました。

ホビーショーは大成功でした。 皆様、本当にありがとうございます。


8 Granny Squares from Shizuoka – 静岡県から来た8枚

Shizuoka has made them together with her 10 and 7 years old daughters. The pastel colors a so beautiful and will make a nice spot in the finished blanket. Thanks Shiori and Megumi. Great job.


Lots of cute amigurumi – カワイイあみぐるみがたくさん

The other day I got a box full of cute amigurumi. I am sure they will make lots of kids happy.


Cute kids sweater – かわいい子供のセーター

Yesterday I have sent a box full of baby and kids knits to Iwate. Included were several kids sweaters I had received recently. There are really cute and I am sure some kids in Tohoku will be happy to wear them.


Warm knits for kids in Iwate – 岩手県の子供のための暖かいニット

Over the last weeks I had received many baby and kids items. Last week I got in contact with a gentleman, how runs a NPO for local temporary housing facilities in Iwate. Today I have send him a large box of baby and kids knits he will distribute to families at different facilities.


Kids knits – キッズニット

For some time now I have been taking classes to learn beaded tatting. Last week, one of the other students there kindly brought me a kids vest she has knitted together with a matching shirts.

The other day I received an envelope from the US with 2 baby hats and matching gloves. So cute.



3 more boxes for Tohoku – 東北のため箱3つ

This morning I packed 3 more boxes for Tohoku. One is going to the temporary housing facility in Iwate. I am sending them more shawls and scarves. The other one is for Fukushima and quite large. I had a number of cardigans, shawls and other warm items, which should still be useful. The last box is the first one for a temporary housing facility in Miyagi. Some of the residents want to knit and were asking for yarn and needles. All should arrive by tomorrow.