May 25th @Europa House – Open Day – 5月25日@ヨーロッパハウス オープンデー


Europa House – Open Day of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan – ヨーロッパハウス オープンデー



I will show several of the ‘Granny Squares’ I received so far, but also teach how to crochet a traditional motif. Enjoy European culture and help people in Tohoku.


日付 / Date: May 25th, 2013

時間 / Time: 12:00 – 18:00

場所 / Location map/地図

  • Delegation of the European Union to Japan, 4-6-28 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0047
  • 〒106-0047東京都港区南麻布4-6-28, ヨーロッパハウス

Program / プログラム

Visitors will also be treated with European food and drinks and small European giftware on sale at different booths and stalls. The choice of products includes beer (Irish pub and Belgian bar), softdrinks, Hungarian food and wine, Austrian food and drinks and small giftware, Portuguese food and wine, Belgian “Liège” style waffles, French and Portuguese wine and Swedish wood-craft. There will also be 2 showcases: yarn knitting and needlepoint and a show of Polish traditional costumes with photo opportunity.


  • ビール(販売): アイルランド、ベルギー
  • ワイン(販売): フランス(予定)、ポルトガル
  • ベルギー・ワッフル(販売)
  • その他の食品・飲物(販売): ハンガリー、オーストリア、ポルトガル
  • 小物(販売): オーストリア、スウェーデン
  • 手工芸(実演)
  • ポーランド民族衣装での写真撮影

many more Granny Squares arrived – より多くのグラニー·スクエアが届いた


Over the week I received 4 parcels with Granny Squares. Here the first I opened. I will take pictures of the other 3 other parcels over the weekend. So check again for more pictures.


50 more Granny Squares – 50枚以上のグラニー·スクエア


Some of the staff of Naito Shoji have kindly put their crochet hooks together and so far made 50 Granny Squares. They used a large variety of Naito yarns creating a wonderful range of beautiful squares.

A small mountain of Granny Squares from Sapporo – 札幌からグラニー·スクエアの小さな山

A group of ladies from Sapporo in Hokkaido has sent me 75 Granny Squares. Each one is like a piece of art, made with great care and details. Thank you Yukiko to all of you.


and another 40 Granny Squares – と別の40枚グラニー·スクエア

kfj_granny0085I really enjoy to see all the different designs and materials. Each Granny Square looks different. It is great to see, what crocheter make to keep the 20 x 20 cm size.


and another 50 Granny Squares – そして50枚グラニー・スクエア

The other day I received a box full of colorful Granny Squares. They will make some nice blankets. The 50 squares are pushing the counter over the 1,500 mark.


more Granny Squares arrived – もっとグラニー・スクエアが届きました

One of the members at my knitting class kindly made a Granny Square. More squares arriving, so the counter is climbing.