2 more blankets – ブランケット2枚

kfj_blanket0152 friends took on 50 motifs each and crocheted them into blankets. I had so many yellow motifs and thought a Yellow Series would look great. It turned out really wonderful. I was a bit worried using so many different motifs. However, the blankets look so amazing.



2,000 Granny Squares – グラニー・スクエア2,000枚


Today, I hit the mark for more than 2,000 Granny Squares. Thank you all for making this possible. Take a look at all those beautiful motifs. A mother and her daughter have send me Granny’s for the 2nd time. Thanks Noriko and Tomoko. A dear friend made me enough for a blanket and more parcels arrived today.



Presenting at The 37th Japan Hobby Show 2013 – 第37回日本ホビーショー2013で発表



This month from April 25th to 27th I will be presenting ‘Knit for Japan’ at “The 37th Japan Hobby Show 2013“. Naito Shoji is kindly allowing me to use a large part of their booth 408 to:

We will display several of the beautiful motifs I received so far and teach how to crochet them. Should you be at the Japan Hobby Show, please stop by and learn some new tricks, skills or interesting patterns.

  • Date: April 25th – 27th, 2013
  • Time: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Tokyo Big Sight

今月、25日から27日に、私は「第37回2013日本ホビーショー」で’Knit for Japan’を提示されます。内藤商事は親切に私は内藤のブース408の大部分を使用できるようにされています。

良かったら’グラニー・スクエア・プロジェクト”とためにもっとモチーフを集まります。我々はこれまでに私が受け取った美しいモチーフのいくつかを表示し、どのようにモチーフを編み、それらをお教えします。あなたは日本ホビーショーになっているはず、お立ち寄りください、いくつかの新しいトリック、スキルや面白いパターンを学びます。日時:4月25日 〜 4月27日 (10:00 – 17:00)


and more colorful Granny Squares – よりカラフルグラニー・スクエア

Here another 44 colorful Granny Squares I received. I still need a lot more, so please keep sending them in.

ここで別の44カラフルグラニー・スクエアが届きました。 私はまだ多くのことを必要とするので、私にそれらを送り続けて下さい。

and another 14 Granny Squares – 別のグラニース・クエア14枚

It just started to rain a bit, so I opened another box I got from a Japanese crocheter. 14 beautiful Granny Squares in wonderful color combinations.


Granny Square blanket – グラニースクエアブランケット

The other day a complete Granny Square blanket made of 12 motifs arrived here at my place. This is great and the first complete blanket to arrive.


8 more Granny Squares – グラニースクエアもう8枚

I received several envelopes with Granny Squares over the past week. Here a pictures of 8 squares. I will post more pictures soon.