Final event

kfj_popFor our final event on September 20th in Ishinomaki to connect all blankets into one large piece, we are looking for volunteer. If you like to join and crochet yourself into history, please let me know.

ドイツ生まれのニット男子”ベルンド・ケストラー”さんが呼び掛けで開始した、世界一大きなグラニースクウェア・ブランケットを作成し東北の被災地の方へお届けする 慈善活動、”Knit for Japan(ニット・フォー・ジャパン)”が





More Granny Squares arrived – もっとグラニース・クエアが届きました

Over the past days I received several envelopes with more Granny Squares. 2 came form Japan and another one from the US. So many different designs and colors.

Today my blog already had over 400 clicks. No idea where they are coming from, but I guess this means more Granny Squares are in progress.



Lace for Iwate – 岩手にレース

A lady at one of the temporary housing facilities in Iwate was asking, if I could send her some lace yarn. I had a nice amount together and today shipped a box to her.


Lots of cute amigurumi – カワイイあみぐるみがたくさん

The other day I got a box full of cute amigurumi. I am sure they will make lots of kids happy.


6 more boxes of Granny Squares and yarn – グラニース・クエアと毛糸

Over the past week I got 6 more quite large boxes of “Granny Squares” and yarn. It will take me some days to go through and post pictures of them all. Below I post pictures of one of the boxes here from Japan I opened today.


12 Squares from Ibaraki Prefecture – 茨城県から12枚

Great, another 12 colorful Granny Squares arrived here in Yokohama. A kind crocheter from Ibaraki Prefecture had found my blog and wanted to help.


Granny Squares and hats from New Hampshire – ニューハンプシャー州からグラニースクエアと帽子

A knitting group from the beautiful city of Franklin – New Hampshire has send some time to crochet 64 Granny Squares and several cute woolly hats. I truly enjoy to see all this beautiful colors and yarns from so many creative people.

フランクリン (ニューハンプシャー州)にある編み物グループから美しいグラニースクエア64枚と帽子いくつが届きました。本当にクリエイティブな人々からのすべての美しい作品を見て楽しです。