Thank you No. 1

thank_you_chartLast week we finished our world record blanket. The event has been a great success. There are so many people I have to thank, so I would like to start with my “Thank you No.1”.

My first “Thank you” goes to all the crocheter, who have sent me over 11,000 Granny Squares. I received so many motifs from all over the world. Each was like a small pieces of artwork. Thanks to all of you, who have made this possible.

先週私たちは世界記録ブランケットを終えした。 イベントは大成功でした。 そこで私は感謝しなければならないので、多くの人がいるので、私は私の “1番ありがとう」から始めたいと思います。


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