PechaKucha: Presentation of the Day – ぺちゃくちゃ:その日のプレゼンテーション

My presentation at PechaKucha Tokyo from last week is featured today as ‘Presentation of the Day‘ on the PK webpage. A big ‘Thank You’ to the PechaKucha team supporting ‘The Granny Square Project’. PechaKucha is currently running event in 643 cities. If each city would just send me 10 Granny Squares, I would have enough to make the world record and helping many people in Tohoku.


During the event a lady from the audience had prepared several motifs and kindly brought them over during the presentation. Thank you very much for the motifs.

If you have not yet attended a PechaKucha night, I would highly recommend you to do so. Each time I attended I met very interesting people and leant something new. Please see the PechaKucha calendar for an event near you.




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